Pool Games: Enjoy Billiards and Snooker with 3d Technology

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History of pool games is an interesting story. These games involving playing spots like billiards and snooker. They were played previously by kings of Europe during medieval age. They also became popular among rich families and common people during that time all over Europe and some parts of Asia Billiards was previously known as croquet in the 15th century in many parts of Europe. It was played in outdoor surroundings in the beginning; slowly billiards was shifted in indoor surroundings and was practiced on a wooden table with wooden sticks and balls. Due to being played by wooden sticks this pool game was called “Billiard” in French. By 18th and 19th centuries these pool games became a favorite sport of noble men and high personalities. After 1956 billiards and snooker was recognized as a sport for national and international sport competitions. Now everybody is not proficient in playing it on a real pool sport hall. Online virtual billiards and snooker are available on the internet to be enjoyed by all. Following are some popular online pool sports:


1) Game Team Pool: Here the game is played by online computer interface of the playing version. The player has to beat the computer based playing interface in playing the pool. While playing all online balls have to be felled in the given ball pits. The balls can be aimed and hit by moving the online cue sticks. The striking intensity can be set by pressing the top bar. Players can strike the ball with the stick by clicking strike button.


2) 3D Pool: This game is an interesting manifestation of online billiards and snookers in 3d form.

This game gives a real fun of playing similar to that in a real game. Players can hit the ball by using a 3d oriented cue stick. The scores are displayed on the screen below the virtual play table.



3) 9 Ball Game: This game is played by hitting a set of 9 colored balls in the ball pits of the play able. In this game first of all the ball of lowest value is hit with the virtual stick. If balls of other values are cleared then the 9th ball can be felled in the ball pit.


4) Classic Billiards: This is the original online game of billiards. These Pool games can be played against a human competitor or a computer interface. These can be played on the main screen by following the instructions which are followed online.

Pool games like billiards and snooker were invented in Europe during medieval age. Today online playing versions of 3d technology provide real fun of enjoying them on the screen. People love to play them on online screen.

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